Lost and Looking for Direction


I learned my worth two years ago in a foreign country.

I had no voice.

I was single

I had no money.

The last two are a North American nightmare.

I was twenty-two, and I’d left the US to study abroad in Vina del Mar, Chile.

In the states, I loved speaking. In Chile, I knew all of 90 words.

In the states, I’d recently broken up with my college sweetheart. 16093 miles away from home, in Chile, I was in no place for a relationship.

I’d saved nearly $2,500 dollars to my name to last six months. I was no millionaire.

Everything I knew about my worth and identity in the states had been ripped from my hands.

That was, until my phone stopped working. And sadly, my first thought was not ‘How will I call home?”

My first thought was, ‘NOW I CAN’T USE INSTAGRAM.’ I was sick for days.

On a bright and sunny day, intervention hit me. I was walking down the street in my city, and I’d gotten lost.

I was so livid with myself. How on earth could I have gotten lost?

Something inside me withdrew for a moment.

‘Would you treat a spouse the way you’re treating yourself?”

Instantly, I realized the issue was not that I was lost. The issue was the pressure I put on myself with unrealistic expectations.